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Service Introduction
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                              Carefully, and attentively, maintenance quality 

     Our company committed to provide high quality and the perfect supporting services all the way,we are  ensure the comstomers system and stable operation. The company has as group of  experienced construction personnel and the rich experience,it can solve the equipment of all kinds of the machine fault .There aer strong customer support team and good customer satifaction is our big  advantage.

                                 Large service team in the industry                       

SIHAO divided into service professionals and service engineers and owns the markets in the industry services.There are all of the graduate student, master and doctor. more than twenty people. distribution in regional service all over the world country.we are provide maintenance, spare parts, techinical service works  at any time

                                        Perfect service network

   Our company has the industry convering and the service radius of the longest service network.we has been established throughout the hydraulic press consulting service outlets at present, we can make detailed demand curve, quick service safety net.

                                        Professional delivery system

1, The machine delivery: fast, efficient, safe transport channel.
2, Customer demand machine accessories send quickly.
3, After-sales personnel point 1-3 days to reach customer maintenance and door-to-door service.

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