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Y41-Type C Single column hydraulic press  

Process: hot and cold extrusion metal and nonmetal materials, plastic materials, insulation materials of blanking, punching, bending, stretching, went through.

It  can engage to the calibration, pressure equipment, plastic products and powder products forming technology.


Relevant tonnage band :10t20t30t40t50t100t 200t

 Delivery:30DAY     Control :Manually manipulator           Annual sales:100



Scope of applicaiton:

Using range: (hydraulic pressure machine, riveting equipment, the guangdong hydraulic, electrical installation, bearing pressure equipment) 


This series of small hydraulic press is widely used in various materials punching, stamping, riveting, bending, shear, tensile, pressure equipment, assembly of various kinds of small parts. It is a Multifunction pressure press, It is useful for the small or large facotry of the assembly line production. The function including  all kinds of aluminum and magnesium alloy die-casting products and plastic cutting, plastic products of the whole cut;  the press be applied to the forming of plastic material such as sheet metal blanking, stretching, stamping and plastic, powder products and  the suppression of a variety of purposes.


The most widely applicate  the  automobile and motorcycle accessories industry USES ; All kinds of beams, channels, SPAR calibration of Angle deformation of the workpiece.Disassembling cylindrical cone bearing.Dismantling of various components for tight fit, workbench using activity center plate structure.Repression of non-metallic materials, powder metallurgy products, calibration of shaft parts, parts and metal installation.

y41单柱液压机 数控压装机





1, This series of machinery output for 5-50 tf (9.8 KN tf = 1000 KGF = 1), Those can be Made for Custmer.
2,  Typec C of single arm type fuselage structure, convenient operation, the hydraulic system in the interior fuselage, beautiful appearance.
3, Frame using submerged arc welding welding, after welding by vibration processing, to ensure the deformation degree of the fuselage
4, It is set of hydraulic cushion, the working pressure and stroke can adjusted within the prescribed scope and have fully automatic operation mode
5, Have an independent action mechanism and electrical system, USES the centralized control buttons, USES the semi-automatic operation mode.
6, The available computer programming, air compressor, and automatic cycle all the way, and realize the delay pressure;
7, No. 45 steel plate CO2 welding, the whole cast steel and tempering treatment
8, Safe and reliable, sensitive action.Speed, power consumption is small.
9, Guide pin, piston rod, intermediate frequency quenching after hard chromium plating processing, never rust roughcast











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 The machine features:

1, The oil pipe connection use the import high pressure hose, the noise reducing 12, hydraulic press machine precision vertical plane and vertical accuracy of correction of 3 wire
2, The PLC always save EXCEL data format, a  recovery reduction, etc.
3, installation schedule by the pressure switch, sensors and production mold.
4, appling four-post four pillar type construction, activity board parallel to the face of high precision, four precision guide sleeve down vertical precision is high.
5, safe and reliable, sensitive action.Speed, power consumption is small.
6, the strong open structure of the whole welding could be used to keep the fuselage enough rigidity at the same time, with the most convenient operation space;
Any changes within 7, using a trip into the length of the rapid and workers;
Eight, guide pin, piston rod, intermediate frequency quenching after hard chromium plating processing, never rust roughcast
9, Equipped with electronic scale for the customer or grating ruler and display, precise cylinder displacement status display, accomplish the work required;

10, Safety design, hands operation, the hydraulic press equipped with emergency button (photoelectric protection device are subject to add) and inching up and down adjustable mode button;
11, Pressure, stroke, the holding time and shut height according to the  requirements to adjus it .it designed into two section adjustment (no-load fast, pressurized slow)
12, Had installated the  force transducer and display, the stress state of precise display products, accomplish the work required;
13. Oil connection use the import high pressure hose, reduce machine noise



One year free warranty product training, door-to-door delivery services, installation and debugging
    the hyraulic press used in plate bending parts, shaft, shaft sleeve parts of pressure equipment, stamping molding, such as sets of fractal stretching process.Applicable to metal and non-metallic hot and cold extrusion, stretching, cutting, metal manufacturing, lock,, electrical appliances, powder metallurgy, rubber, plastic, automobile and motorcycle accessories, badges, light industry, household appliances, mold manufacturing and other industries.


The company  independ our  technology and research  for the customer of autonomous .the hydraulic product can numerical control technology adopted to improve the synchronization control, frequency control, PLC programmable control, proportional control, micro control, touch screen display, etc., it can  schedule pressure, speed, and other related parameters setting and display, and the press  system  realize the man-machine dialogue or  store multiple sets of product molding and processing technology.

Optional accessories:
Or grating ruler and display options encoder, precise display cylinder displacement;
Can be mounted to the force transducer and display, the stress state of precise monitoring products;
Quality standard:
1, The precision of the hydraulic press according to the four column hydraulic press precision GB9166-88
2, Power distribution ark according to specification for design of low-voltage distribution GB50054-95




GB/T 197-1981 common thread tolerance and cooperation (1-355 - mm in diameter),
GB/T 1804-1992 general linear dimension tolerance not note tolerances
GB/T 5226.1 1996 industrial machinery electrical equipment
GB/T 17120-1997  forging machinery ,the safety technology conditions
JB/T 1829-1997  forging machinery ,pass the technical conditions
JB/T8356.1-1996 machine packaging,the  technology conditions
JB/T 9954-1999  forging machinery, the hydraulic system cleanliness 




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