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     Tube internal high pressure forming technology to replace the traditional stamping technology, Our press not only supply of high voltage equipment in water bulge forming of advantage but also to improve the product after the bulging parts strength and shock resistance, reduce the weight of the parts, improve the competitiveness of the products.

     Standard hydraulic press, CNC internal high pressure forming master cylinder clamping force can achieve 10000kN, supercharger maximum pressure of 400 mpa.Improve the production efficiency of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises.


      Adopts synchronous control of left right side urn, precision can reach within 0.2 mmNow used in auto parts industry greatly for lateral orbital, auto vice frame, the roof frame, and the exhaust pipe, etc.Industrial pipe fittings industry tee interface, two-way interface, Y interface.

          According to the customer requirement,we supply the pipe bending machine equipment, reaming machine equipment.Internal high pressure forming manufacturing of typical structure, branches pipe, special-shaped pipe and hollow shaft parts.

          SIhao hydraulic Has been developed many sets of production with large internal high pressure forming machine for the auto makers and parts factorythe inthe domestic

The future development:

        Wth the time development superhigh pressure sealing technology and ultra-high pressure computer control technology breakthrough,the highest pressure forming technology can achieve 400 mpa in our company and more mature security more efficient. forming a whole, the finished parts with high precision.
      At present, as well as in automobile muffler, the exhaust pipe, aluminum alloy pipe fittings factory for mass production.



Internal high pressure forming process analysis in the auto industry :

           Traditional automobile exhaust pipe manufacturing is generally Beam before traditional car manufacturing is commonly sheet metal stamping forming, its disadvantage is that the forming process, the mould structure complex beam before traditional car manufacturing is commonly sheet metal stamping, its disadvantage is that the forming process, the mould structure is complexRadiator support, for example, the cooling area increased by 43%, reduce solder from 174 to 20, process by 13 has been reduced to 6, productivity increased by 66%;Internal high pressure forming auto parts mainly include: applicable materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy and nickel alloy chassis parts: vice frame, rear axle,  longitudinal beam and bumper, seat frame, top beam and the top beam and so on, the manifold and exhaust pipe, the components of the body: the dashboard beam, radiator support, CAM shaft and driven shaft, steering and suspension system, and steering control arm rod.

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