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Broad market and strength

1, marketing channels perfect:

The optimal operating profit program, including the mature Internet market, is not held regularly, and some specific guidance is needed for the I to be some specific.. There are related promotional materials, video based on the geographical needs to make a different way of publicity.

2, strong technical strength:

Provide products and technical training to the franchisee and the distributor to establish the sales and after-sales service system according to the specific circumstances, free or paid product and technical training.

3, comprehensive support for sale:

Improve the logistics system, to achieve the fast reading, integrated logistics network transport, communication and delivery convenient, quick to realize data public. Have a team of sales engineers, at any time to solve any problem for customers. ,

4, preferential policies and subsidies policy

For the new and old customers friends, the company made detailed preferential and subsidy policies. Support for return process, etc..

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