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Introduction to cooperative distribution protocol

A and B both parties in the principle of equality and reciprocity, through friendly consultation, on the first part of the production: "Hao Hao" brand hydraulic machinery and equipment cooperation, reached the following agreement:

A, Party A provides the national standard price list and the range of the price. Price: See Schedule (excluding freight, free of charge, customers need to contain tax, from the first of the party a note)

Two, profit distribution:

1. The distribution of benefits of the new machine: Party A offers Party B the lowest price and the highest price.

2. The benefits of maintenance within the six months and the cost of machinery within the shelf life are determined by the agreement.

3, the maintenance of the new machine within the warranty period of the labor costs, material costs, the cost of mechanical defects, the area outside the maintenance of machinery and other machinery by the detailed agreement.

4, geographical protection: business is the right and advertising promotion expenses

5, personnel and wage negotiations.

6. Sales and agreement related expenses..

7. The time of the signature of the agreement.

Cooperative distribution policy:

1, ordering and supply:

First order, the principle of delivery to join the dealer supplier.

First order:

The franchisee to submit sufficient fee after delivery to the franchisee, company machine making place.


Delivery by contract.

2, transport settlement: according to the contract, payment, payment to delivery, the company will be free to send the product to join the franchisee.

3, the franchisee must comply with the company's price policy strategy

4, the company provides a model of distribution contract.

5, the company will be in the agreement of the company on the company's sales assessment.

6, policy changes: Kaga Ji in the product and market policies and other changes, will promptly notify and negotiate with the dealer to resolve.

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